Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alright this actually isn't finished, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with eith. Either put him in a scene with a bunch of people trying to crown him, or add the rest of the major players in the family of shadow beasts.Also I'm quite happy with this because it's the first successful digital paiting of anything I've done. The whole thing actually took less than a day, a real first for me. Maybe one day I'll be a real artist.

His name is Hatrick. An unnatural spawn of Regless. In fact, spawn may not be the right word... cousin perhaps? Either way, he is no slouch and a perfect example of what a shadow beast should be.

Unlike Regless, Hatrick is quite popular and endearing. He could easy handle himself on his own, but usually follows Kuga-Maru.He never speaks, and is quite pleasant despite his creepy demeanor. He is also fearless, or... mabe he doesn't understand the concept.

As for combat abilities. His limbs bend any which way and his body is a giant weapon in itself. His exaggerated sleaves can crush refined metals and his head detaches as a projectile. His hat, usually a floppy mess, actually has quite a set of chompers on it... and eyes. Actually, the Hat is the only part worth attacking, the rest is just a puppet. Fortunately for this guy very few people actually know that. Hatrick doesn't use any weapons except his body, he doesn't need too. He' insanely agile, skillfull, fast, and strong. In fact he is considered to be all around the second strongest shadow best, next to Oblivion. And most think he should become the new ruler instead of Regless.
Yes... I'm a digimon fan. I think Season three is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And now I'm shutting up and moving on.

I wanted to do evil Chibis. All my Chibis become evil. It's the nature of the chibi.

Not entirely sure what possed me to draw these two together since they have nothing to do with each other. But they make for good contrast.
The one the left is Demi. Half a monster, very emotionless and powerful. Nicknamed the Reaper. she killed Damereks wife and kid. Generally not a nice person, although she's no longer insane so she doesn't kill people without a reason anymore. Her age has given her a variety of talents. Very tough and competent.
The one on the right is pearl. Cute, innocent, and cursed. The jewels attack anything she touches. She can't speack or understand anything and is somewhat detached from the world around her. She doesn't know how to get food but will try to eat anything she get her hands on. Likes high, bright places and pretending she can sing.

Monday, January 1, 2007

This character is Yuva. A brief synopsis of her backstory is as follows. She an infamous summoned monster known for wiping out the wrold twice even though she was only actually summoned once. Needless to say, only a select few know of her existence. She's not cruel, wicked, secretive, or insane. She just believes it's her goal in life to wipe out everything
and everyone. Also, there are a few other unique features to this monster. No one knows where her summon crest is so once she's brought forth you can't just desummon her, and she completely indestructable, lastly, if her summoner dies, she stays around instead of getting desummoned automatically. Other than that, she's actually quite pleasant.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Greetings everyong. This is where I'll be posting my stuff from now on. I'll be able to keep track of it here. Till later.